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PrismExploer does not run popperly

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Topic: PrismExploer does not run popperly
Posted By: tj62
Subject: PrismExploer does not run popperly
Date Posted: 29-Dec-2009 at 6:35am


I just downloaded the PrismExplorer source code. It compiles fine except a warning stating:
"The referencede component 'ActivityContrl' could not be found"
This is referenced in ModelExplorer.CustomerOrders. Is this harmfull? If so where do I find the ActivityControl
I change the database reference as described in the readme file. but when I run it, it connects successfully. However whenever I try to run one of the queries (for example "Get All Customers"), it shows an error message in the bottom status-bar stating:
Schema specified is not valid. Errors: Model1.msl(3,4): error 2062: No mapping specified for instances of EnitySet and AssociationSet in the Enity Container NorthwindEFEntities.
When I open the Entity Model and select "Update Model from Database..." I successfully connect to the NorthWind database, but it seems to not evaluate which tables are already in the model as all the currenly selected tables are displayed in the "Add" tab, but none in the "Refresh" tab.
I have tried to replace the NorthWind database files with the newest version that come with DevForce for SL version However I get the same problem. What is causing that? Do I need a special version of the NorthWind Database that fits the Entity Model?


Posted By: WardBell
Date Posted: 04-Jan-2010 at 4:59pm
Sorry about that reference. I've deleted it from future versions. It is NOT important; just delete it from the references.
And YES you need "NorthwindEF" database. It won't work with the databases we install as part of DevForce.
NorthwindEF is part of the download zip .. look for the folder that reads "NorthwindEF Database" :-)

Posted By: GregD
Date Posted: 18-Jun-2010 at 11:40am
When you extract the files from the download of Prism Explorer available here...

... you will see a "Northwind EF Database" folder with .mdf and .ldf files in it. You must attach the .mdf to your instance of SQL Server.

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