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Error Deploying as Windows service

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Topic: Error Deploying as Windows service
Posted By: stuntman
Subject: Error Deploying as Windows service
Date Posted: 08-Dec-2011 at 8:00am

i'm trying to deploy the server side of an n-tier app as a windows service. 
I followed the procedure of - , but when i run the installutil ServerService.exe, i get the following error and the service is not installed:

"No public installers with the RunInstallerAttribute.Yes attribute could be found in the assembly..."

Could you help me understand what's worng, please?

Vitor Carvalho

Posted By: kimj
Date Posted: 09-Dec-2011 at 9:55am
We haven't run into this error before and the documentation on InstallUtil is quite scarce, so I'll suggest a few things to try:
* Check that you're running the installer with administrative privileges.  When you open the VS Command Prompt, do so as an administrator if your account is not an administrator.
* Unblock the ServerService.exe and other assemblies if by chance they were copied from elsewhere and aren't trusted.
* Make sure that you're using the .NET 4 version of InstallUtil.
If none of the above helps, can you tell us which version of DevForce you're running, and which OS?

Posted By: stuntman
Date Posted: 09-Dec-2011 at 11:04am
i´ve tryed all the suggestions you made but i haven't got success..
I'm using Windows 7 and DevForce version 5.1.0..

One more question: how do i should create the ServerService.exe?? I simply changed the name of ServerConsole.exe to ServerService.exe and also changed the name of config file! Is that correct? Or that is a specific way to get the ServerService.exe?


Posted By: kimj
Date Posted: 09-Dec-2011 at 11:18am
Oh sorry, I didn't notice that you were using DevForce 2009.
The ServerService.exe is a different executable than the ServerConsole.exe.  Both are in the DevForce installation folder.  The ServerConsole does not have any installers, so the error message is correct. 
As for the config file, you can just copy and change the name as needed.
Also, since you're using DF 2009, you'll use the .NET 3.5 version of InstallUtil.exe to install the service.

Posted By: stuntman
Date Posted: 17-Dec-2011 at 4:48pm
Thank you very much..
I finally made it.. My main problem was the way of get ServiceServer.exe.

Posted By: stuntman
Date Posted: 30-Jan-2012 at 2:09pm
Hello again..
this time i would like to know how can i have more than one windows service installed on the same machine..
I have two different applications and i have installed the server side of the 1st one as windows service. Now, i can't install the 2nd as windows service too because the IdeaBlade DevForce Entity Service already exists..
Can you help me?

Posted By: kimj
Date Posted: 31-Jan-2012 at 12:17pm
Hi stuntman,
Unfortunately, only the one DevForce service can be installed to a machine.  This is actually one reason we usually recommend hosting the BOS in IIS.

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