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MEF for server part

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Topic: MEF for server part
Posted By: pponzano
Subject: MEF for server part
Date Posted: 23-Feb-2012 at 2:41am
Hello Ideablade,
I've almost finished creating modules for the WPF part, if I've (almost again) clear how to do it, what should I do for the DomainModel's server part? have I to reference in my BOS project the modules? in this case I will loose the major part of the modularity since I 've to deploy the BOS server again... how can I face this?


Posted By: DenisK
Date Posted: 23-Feb-2012 at 2:33pm
Hi pponzano,

Forgive me but I'm not sure I understand the question. Could you perhaps illustrate with a screenshot of your project?

Thank you.

Posted By: pponzano
Date Posted: 27-Feb-2012 at 8:52am
Hello DenisK,
I try to explain better what I need to achieve, if not enougth I'll send you a support ticket...

for what concern the "client" part, I've created all the modules I need, so each macro-area part has it's own dll that contains the repository to access to the data, for now I've only one project connected to the BOS project that's contains the EDMX...

I can tell that the client part is ready for MEF's modularity and I'll add in the bootstrapper the path to look for module's dll.
For the server part I'll still to create separate project and reference them in the BOS project...this is a limitation BTW since I'll need to add a reference to BOS project every time I add a module, is it right? or it's enougth to copy module-server assembly to the bin folder?


Posted By: mgood
Date Posted: 27-Feb-2012 at 3:50pm
You don't need to reference anything in the server project. You can just drop the model assembly in the bin folder. It will automatically be discovered when the server starts up.

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