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Composition with Breeze

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Topic: Composition with Breeze
Posted By: gsogol
Subject: Composition with Breeze
Date Posted: 04-Oct-2012 at 2:48pm
Trying to build composable UI where each service is responsible for its own data so if I'm looking at Amazon, pricing comes from one endpoint, description from another and so on. Each service would plug into the main shell and to the user it looks like it's all one html template.

Does breeze help in any way?

Posted By: jtraband
Date Posted: 04-Oct-2012 at 4:24pm
Great question!.  I think there are two issues here; one has to do with 'data' composition, i.e. bringing data from multiple external services into a single client side 'context', and possibly defining relations between the data elements returned from the different services. The other has to do with 'UI' composition where you compose multiple views on this externally provided data and present a composite view to the user.

Breeze should be very helpful with the 'data' composition part of this problem and we are planning on providing more guidance and samples on this "real soon now", particularly on how to define client side metadata for any external service.

On the UI composition side, Breeze is agnostic regarding the means by which this 'composite' model is rendered to the UI.  This means that you can use Knockout, Backbone, Angular or whatever other third party view model tools you want.  We are actively in the process of providing adapters for each of these.  Please tells up what your preferred view model library is by  using the feedback mechanism on the web site. ( small icon on the right side of any Breeze website page labeled "Feedback")  This is how we decide which ones to work on next. 

Posted By: gsogol
Date Posted: 05-Oct-2012 at 8:46am
Awesome. First, thank you for even understanding my questions. Second, data composition would be pure awesomeness. What we are trying to accomplish is having composition both from a tabular perspective (I have a grid/table, column 1 is from endpoint 1 and column 2 is from endpoint 2) and modular (one div containing data from 2 endpoints). Really looking forward to seeing the sample.  

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