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how to use with repository-uow solution

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Topic: how to use with repository-uow solution
Posted By: kaanse
Subject: how to use with repository-uow solution
Date Posted: 28-Oct-2012 at 11:40am
Hey all ,

i am new at spa app,
my project working like this

first  solution - models
second solution - data using repository and uow
third solution  - business its for a bridge between clients and data solutions 
fourth solutions - clients 

i am doing like this because i am using client more than 1 
so i am not chaging anything for data and models solutions  just chaging business solution layer.
thats why client dont know anythink about data i am just calling method from client's server side with ajax
and that method just getting json result from bussiness solution methods  

my question is whats breeze can do for me should i need to use ? when i look now i can use breeze  instead of ajax just calling client's server methods.

idont have so much experiance, sory if its stupid question .

thanx for answers .

Posted By: kaanse
Date Posted: 29-Oct-2012 at 8:53am
if i dont want to use enetity for getting data  for example my 


private JsonResult getUnits()
var gu = new unitCics();
Dictionary<string,unitlist> dicUnit=gu.getUnits();

return Json(new {dicUnit})

or just returning string 

private string getaa()
return "aaa";

so this geting some data from another solution and return list how can i get this list to client with breeze ?
i will bind data with knockout into list 

Posted By: jtraband
Date Posted: 29-Oct-2012 at 2:23pm
We are working on documentation, and some additional code,  to explain how to use breeze to access any third party service that provides a json payload, as well as how to expose any .NET IQueryable and still be able to use the breeze query semantics but unfortunately neither of these available yet.   

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