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Cross domain full url

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Topic: Cross domain full url
Posted By: sujesharukil
Subject: Cross domain full url
Date Posted: 01-Nov-2012 at 6:05am
Alright quick question. I read in the documentation that the Service URL "api/todos" is appended to the site origin by Breeze. i.e. if I am running localhost:5020 it will be http://localhost:5020/api/todos.

That is great, but my services are on a different domain. http://localhost:6020 and not on the same domain which is running my client app. How can I configure this? Where do I tell breeze that all my calls are going to this full domain?

I hope the question is clear. I will post more questions as I come across it. So far, I think this could really be a game changer.

Following your progress on twitter.


Posted By: WardBell
Date Posted: 01-Nov-2012 at 12:10pm
Hi Suj - Just to be clear, you really do need the service to be at one domain and the client app to be served from another? That isn't just a temporary thing ... that's the way you intend the app to run. Thanks for replying. I'll get you an answer soon.

Posted By: sujesharukil
Date Posted: 01-Nov-2012 at 1:42pm
Thats right. Just to give you an idea.. Our services are going to be used both on the web, by mobile and possibly by a windows forms project (ofcourse, only the web can take advantage of Breeze, which is absolutely fine). The mobile app will be developed using Cordova Phonegap (so it is all javascript and html), however, the service url will have to be hard coded as a config item in Javascript. 

Right now, I am using amplify to setup my requests and jquery underneath that makes the ajax calls. It will be awesome if we can configure breeze to say this is my base service url.

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