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Cocktail - HappyHour

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Topic: Cocktail - HappyHour
Posted By: WayneMck
Subject: Cocktail - HappyHour
Date Posted: 16-Jan-2014 at 10:20pm
I am running VS 2010 using the Cocktail code Version 1_1_6.

The first installment of the sample HappyHour application (i.e., 01) compiles, runs, and the page loads correctly for both SL 4 and 5.

Although the additional projects (i.e., 02 - 08) build and run, the MainPage.xaml is not loaded nor is a Breakpoint tripped in the constructor of the MainPageViewModel.

I have reviewed the documentation on line but cannot find anything that indicates that I needed to add a Silverlight server, etc.

A "heads up" is greatly appreciated - thank you.

Posted By: mgood
Date Posted: 17-Jan-2014 at 9:54am
What browser and version are you using? I've seen instances where the browser blocks execution of a local Silverlight application. I don't have access to a machine with VS 2010 anymore and I can't reproduce this issue on any of my current machines running Windows 7/8 and later versions of VS. 

Posted By: WayneMck
Date Posted: 17-Jan-2014 at 2:19pm
Thank you for your response, Marcel.

I using FireFox, Version 26.0; however, I have tested other Silverlight apps without issue.

A Silverlight page is actually loaded, but it is empty.

I will try building an app from scratch via the online instructions for the HappyHour application. Hopefully, I will be able to resolve the issue.


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